Thank you to the voters of Ward 3 who have chosen to invest their trust in me to serve as their representative. And, thank you to the over 1500 residents who have volunteered, contributed, put a yard sign on their lawn and/or spread the word in their network encouraging others to give me their vote. I will do all I can to make you proud.


This election has been hard fought from day one with many excellent candidates vying for the chance to represent the Ward. My fellow candidates deserve much praise. Each brought real talent to the effort and had much to offer the Ward and city. Each also put themselves out there in a way that requires respect.  For my part, I could not be more grateful to our grassroots base and campaign team that brought me to this happy election night. 


I have devoted much of my energy to public service for decades.  The idea that I will spend the final chapter of my career as a public servant, bringing to bear my professional and life experience to work on behalf of our community, is, for me, a dream come true. I am excited to get started in January and work with my neighbors in the Ward and stakeholders from across the city to make the Ward and city as safe, welcoming and green as it can be. Our is a great community and city, but together we can make it better still, an increasingly great place to raise a family, learn, age-in-place, play and enjoy diverse cultural experiences.  


During Reconstruction, 160 years ago, Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner said the District should be “an example for all the land,” as a path breaker for social justice.  Our ambition today should be no less. We are coming up on the 250th anniversary of our country — 2026.  When that celebration comes, the camera will turn on the District in a unique way.  Let’s work together so that when the spotlight turns to us, people around the country and world will be wowed.  


Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to invest all my energy in the important project that is the District of Columbia, hopefully soon to be the Douglass Commonwealth.

My philosophy is to listen and learn from others and build coalitions to get things done. I hope to represent Ward 3 on the DC Council so that together we can have an even greater impact to:

Let me know what is on your mind and how you think we can work together to build a stronger, safer, fun and maximally welcoming and supportive community

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