Re: Thank you

While folks have assumed that I prevailed in the Ward 3 Democratic Primary, I have been waiting to see what the final major tranche of ballots – those left at drop boxes or submitted at polling stations on election day and arriving by mail yesterday – showed. There are still more to be counted and more will be arriving by mail between now and next Tuesday, so the numbers are not yet completely final.  But the tranche announced very early this morning was significant.  I was pleased to see my margin grew with this last tranche and I now feel fully comfortable that I will be the Democratic nominee on the November ballot.

That leaves me needing to say thank you to many.

First, to the thousands of Ward 3 Democrats who have invested their trust in me:  Thank you.  I will do everything I can to prove deserving.  (And to those who to date have been skeptical, I will hope to win you over, and in any case, hope you will feel that whether or not we agree that you find me respectful, willing to listen and work together and open to ideas).

Second, to my fellow candidates:  This is my third major run for office and I thought at the outset – This is either “three is the charm” or “three strikes and you are out.”  People thank candidates for putting themselves out there, and they are right. It is a lot and it is scary.  The big field this time carried itself with grace, worked incredibly hard and the Ward benefited enormously from the debate.  I said at the start that we would all be different after the election than before – candidates and voters.  We struggled with each other and learned from each other and voters benefited from a full-throated debate.  I know I will benefit from what I learned from my fellow candidates and, should I prevail in November, will be a better Councilmember for it.  I look forward to continuing to learn from and work with my fellow candidates going forward.  Thank you.

Third, to the dozens of volunteers and the hundreds of people who spread the word in support of my candidacy to their networks: I worked as hard as I could and had a phenomenal team that kept me on track (who I have thanked separately), but you were my path and I am very, very grateful.

That said, I have one last ask for this season from my volunteers (and anyone else interested) for this weekend.  We are going to go out Sunday evening to try to bring down all of the signs on streets in the Ward (for all of the candidates in all of the races, unless I hear from someone urging we leave theirs in place) (we will not pluck them off of lawns).  Please consider joining us in this effort.  You can either come to our place at 4709 Albemarle St NW at 5 pm Sunday and join a crew to go out or just go out in an area around your neighborhood. We will then gather in our backyard at 4709 Albemarle St NW at 8 pm for a barbecue.  It will be a lot of fun and a service to the community.

If you do plan to join us, sign up here so we have a sense for the barbeque and can make sure all areas are covered.

Thank you and all the best,
Matt Frumin

My philosophy is to listen and learn from others and build coalitions to get things done. I hope to represent Ward 3 on the DC Council so that together we can have an even greater impact to:

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